After the collapse, the venture capital (V/C) market has slowly reemerged. Venture capital funds are frequently pooled funds of numerous individuals or entities.

You will have to convince the V/C that your business, if funded in the amount you are seeking, will achieve the promised return on investment. The V/Cs will look at numerous factors including IP and the qualifications of your management team. Venture capital is more expensive than a loan from a bank, but your business presumably does not qualify for bank financing, e.g., it may not yet have made a product and can not show a profit and loss history.

You will likely have to make your presentation to multiple groups of venture capitalist. You can submit a brief business plan with an executive summary with the possibility of then making a 30 minute stand up presentation.

If accepted, the V/Cs will be requiring a percentage ownership, presumably as preferred stock. Note this will dilute the ownership interest of the angel investors, as well as the ownership interest of “friends and families”.