6,597,177      Through Casing Resistivity Measurement In Permanently Installed Downhole Production Environment.   A tool installed within a well casing that can saturate a portion of the casing with magnetic flux and send an oscillating magnetic flux that can be used for resistivity measurement of the adjacent geologic formation. 

6,630,831      Measurement of Electrical Properties Through Non Magnetically Permeable Metals Using Directed Beams and Magnetic Lensing.   The tool “sees” through the well casing by saturating a portion of the casing will magnetic flux, thereby creating a “metallic transparency”.  The tool may also send a low frequency oscillating magnetic signal through a non permeable material such as stainless steel or aluminum.  The patent also teaches altering the concentration of the saturation flux, the frequency of the transmitter flux, placement of the transmitters and receivers or altering the orientation of the transmitter in relation to the saturation coil the depth of penetration into the geologic formation can be adjusted. 

6,657,440      Propagation of Waves Through Materials.   The patent teaches a method for creating a transparency in a material comprising the steps of creating a first electromagnetic wave adjacent to the material, saturating the material with the first electromagnetic  wave, creating a  second electromagnetic wave  having a frequency higher than the first electromagnetic wave, engaging the second electromagnetic wave with the material when the material is fully or partially saturated for creating a transparency in the material with respect to electromagnetic waves.  

6,744,263      Apparatus and Method for the Measurement of Electrical Properties of Materials Through Non-Magnetizable Materials.   The patent teaches a method to calculate the thickness of a material with unknown permeability and conductivity using transparencies.  The method includes a first step of creating a first set of electromagnetic waves having a specific constant amplitude of a known frequency, the first set of electromagnet waves for engaging a system, impinging the first set of electromagnetic waves on the system under investigation, nulling the system, receiving a nulled signal, creating a change in the system, and receiving a modified signal associated with the change from the nulled signal such that the modified signal contains sufficient information to determine the change in the system.  

6,931,309      Motor Vehicle Operating Data Collection and Analysis.   Data collection method and algorithm for computing a driver safety rating.  The invention utilizes data collected on a manufacturer installed on board diagnostic system.  The invention may also use a GPS system. 

7,048,467 for a Security Barrier utilizing a sensor component that can detect objects moving across the ground proximate to the barrier component. 

7,052,567      Inflatable Heating Device.    Repair tool for in situ pipe repair with an inflatable bladder containing carbon fibers for resistive heating of a thermally responsive resin. 

7,073,536      Lateral Interface Device.    A repair tool for lining the junction or interface of two pipes.  The tool contains a housing holding an inflatable bladder and repair lining.  The bladder and lining can be inflated and extended out of the housing into the lateral pipe.   The inflated bladder presses the liner to the pipe wall and conductive wires in the bladder cure the resin within the repair material.   

7,101,112   for a Security Barrier  wherein the barrier is in a substantially horizontal position, a gas generator activates movement of a component from a cylinder.  The component is attached to one end of a barrier component and the barrier component is pushed upright (substantially vertical) from the original horizontal position.

7,114,874  Security Barrier (allowed application) for a gas generator powered cylinder and piston combination that raises a barrier from a horizontal position to a deployed position (wherein the barrier forms an acute angle to the ground). 

7,135,087     Apparatus and Method for the Repair and Stabilization of Underground Pipes.    Method includes placing an inflatable and electrically heatable bladder within a pipe to be repaired.  The bladder can be installed with a repair liner.  Thermally  responsive chemical reactants can be injected into the ground proximate to the pipe.  Heat from the bladder can cure the chemical reactant, thereby sealing the pipe from the inside and outside.

7,245,041   Ocean Wave Energy Converter.  Method and apparatus for generating energy from mechanical motion of buoyant objects in water moving against a stable suspended float mechanisms.

7,418,197 Back Light Screen for Chroma-Key Photography.  Device for back lighting a green screen with a surrounding back enclosure.  Invention allows uniform lighting of the background green screen for composite photos.

7,444,810 :Lever Operated Pivoting Float with Generator. The invention is a pivoting float that transforms the rise and fall of ocean waves to different forms energy where the pivoting float is attached to an end of a lever arm in a first vertical position and wherein the lever arm can change from a vertical position and and float be submerged in the ocean; a spring returns the lever arm to its first position and a center opening of the float allowing passage of a second end of the lever arm.

7,468,072 Endovascular balloon graft A method and apparatus forrepair of stenotic and aneurysmic vessels utilizing in situ deployment of an inflatable tubular shaped device having a longitudinally oriented annulus. When inflated, the size and rigidity of the device is increased, thereby providing supplemental strength to the vessel wall and a lumen for the passage of fluid.

7,628,177 Lateral Interface Device with Flexible Housing comprising a housing for inflatable heatable bladder that fits from a main pipeline to the junction of a lateral line wherein the housing has flexible sides to conform to the pipe junction.

7,682,655 Method and Apparatus for Lining Pipes with Environmentally Compatible Impervious Membrane comprising placing the apparatus in a pipe and moving at a predetermined speed, heating the lining components in the apparatus, a rotatable dispensation device between 20,000 and 45,000 rpm, mixing the lining component, a reciprocating rotating dispensation device, a termination rod and impingement block.

7,866,277 Apparatus and Method for Lining Large Diameter Pipe with Environmentally Compatible Impervious Membrane comprising at least one rotatable spray nozzle, a rotational shaft in fluid communication with the rotatable spray nozzle, a piston rod and cylinder attached to the rotational shaft and spray nozzle adjustable in relation to the pipe wall by movement of the piston rod in the cylinder, a curved guide track, and rollers whereby the curved guide track moves in relation to the rollers to move the rotational shaft and rotatable spray nozzle in a pendulum pattern.

7,891,939 Hybrid Multi-Element Tapered Rotating Tower comprising (i) a leading edge and a trailing edge that carry the primary tower tension and compression loads from a turbine, nacelle and rotor thrust induced bending, (ii) structurally efficient, progressively dimensioned space between the leading edge and trailing edge that produces largely constant loads on the leading and trailing edges, and (iii) side panels joining the leading edge and the trailing edge.

7,914,549 Mechanical Embolectomy and Suction Catheter comprising an inner lumen and outer lumen and a plurality of recesses along the catheter body and each recess includes an opening in fluid communication between the inner lumen and a vessel and the inner lumen and outer lumen are sealed from each other. There is also a plurality of expandable members along the catheter in fluid communication with the outer lumen and expandable member has a contracted position within a recess and an expanded position and can trap emboli.

7,581,565 Tear Cord For Jacketed Tube.  This invention has been allowed. It pertains to a tear cord installed under covering jacketed around a metal tube.  The tube can convey fiber optic wires or can convey liquids.  The cables are used in downhole well applications.

7,992,514 Imparted Charge in Situ Pipelining Device comprising a pipe lining apparatus with an umbilical conveying liquid lining material, a first ported body further comprising at least one static charge conductor plate and wave/pulse generation tab and rotating shaft, a trajectory/static charging orifice, and a rotation drive receptacle fit within a dwell cone mounted on the rotating shaft.

7,993,364 Aneurysm Flow Barrier A self expanding frame is mounted on the distal end of a shaft. The frame is sized and configured so that it may fit inside the cavity of an aneurysm. Suction is applied to the interior of the aneurysm through the shaft and the wall of the aneurysm is collapsed onto the exterior surface of the frame. The frame is then collapsed upon further suction being applied to the interior of the aneurysm, which collapses the aneurysm wall. The frame folds down on itself, carrying with it the aneurysm wall. The frame is detached from the shaft and left in the collapsed aneurysm.

7,998,168 Drain Tube Stripper containing two handles pivotally joined at one end and the second end of each handle comprising a roller. The handles are of differing length. The drain tube stripper may also contain a guide component to minimize entanglement of the drain.

8,048,091 Suturing Device for Anastomisis of Lumens. A surgical device comprised of inner and outer hollow bodies. A pair of suture rings containing suture clips are mounted in parallel on the outer hollow body.

8,062,379 Aneurysm Sealing Device A method and apparatus for repair of stenotic and aneurysmic vessels utilizing in situ deployment of an inflatable tubular shaped device having a longitudinally oriented annulus. When inflated, the size and rigidity of the device is increased, thereby providing supplemental strength to the vessel wall and a lumen for the passage of fluid.

8,109,982 Non-Invasive Modulation of the Autonomic Nervous System. Invention utilizes heat as control mechanism. I have successfully registered several trademarks during the last 6 month as well as registered several copyrights.

8,246,548 Methods for ischemic conditioning for improved athletic performance. Invention utilizes the protective effect of repeated, noninvasive applications of ischemic conditioning. It confers pharmacologic-like and exercise-like therapeutic effects by increasing the vasodilative capacity of the limbs in order to positively affect a vascular condition.

8,286,671 Automated apparatus for filing capped needle syringes held in a rotatable motor controlled carousel. The carousel turns the syringe proximate to a dispenser mechanism. A rotatable plate on top of the dispenser mechanism holds a cap extractor/installer. The rotatable plate can position an inverted vial over the uncapped syringe needle and the plate lowered for the needle to penetrate the septum of the inverted vial.

8,500,941 Secondary Containment Panels and Process For Making and Installing Same

9,056,714 Secondary Containment Panels and Process For Making and Installing Same

9,278,372 Secondary Containment Panels and Process For Making and Installing Same

9,332,868 Headband and Belt Hanger, Holder and Organizer

9,434,534 Retention Tank Storage Cover

9,758,948 Humidity Collector Apparatus

9,772,240 Elastic Torque Sensor For Planar Torsion Spring

9,783,944 Berm or Levee Expansion System and Method

9,833,662 Series Elastic Motorized Exercise Machine

10,054,004 Turbine Overspeed Trip Test Data Logging System

December 8, 2018