Creep of Patent Eligibility Goulash

Introduction: I have written frequently about the morass of “logic” created by the courts regarding the patent eligibility of computer implemented business methods and software.  This logic pertains to whether the software is an “abstract idea” and therefore not eligible for patent protection.  This is a fluid topic.  It has been termed eligibility goulash by…

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FDA Exclusivity-An Incentive for Drug Research?

Known substances can be useful medical treatments. But there maybe no market incentive to conduct necessary research and development to prove the benefits. There also may be no incentive to seek regulatory approval. FDA market exclusivity may provide this incentive without change in US patent laws.

Obviousness Rejections 2021

Introduction: An application for patent is typically rejected by the USPTO examiner after the first examination.  But the USPTO examiner must provide specific written reasons justifying the rejection.  The applicant has the right to respond to the rejection to point out why the examiner is in error or to amend the claims of the application…

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Attacking a “Junk Patent”

Introduction: Sometimes the USPTO screws up and issues a patent for a product or method that has been used in the industry or is well known.  Junk patents are often used by “patent trolls” to extort money from legitimate businesses.  Congress sought to provide a remedy from junk patents being asserted against businesses.  In 2012,…

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