The following links contain information on obtaining a copyright and related issues. Copyright Protection The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Digital Signatures Digital Signatures (Update) Digital Millennium Copyright Act Outdated By New Technology Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Kazaa LimeWire P2P File Sharing Litigation Copyright Registration (Worth reading) Added Copyright Protection VARA


(This is worth reading) In my note entitled Copyright Protection I have described copyright as the weakest form of protection for intellectual property rights. However, when in doubt, in pays to register your copyright. It is a relatively easy and inexpensive process. It can now be done on line with a credit card or payment…

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Obviously, more and more communication is being conducted via the Internet or e-mail. Both business and consumer transactions are involved. Items of substantial monetary value are purchased and shipped by agreement and direction established and documented solely in an electronic form. In addition, instructions are issued that can have substantial economic consequences. Examples include directions…

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Copyright protection is, perhaps, the weakest of the protections granted to intellectual property. A copyright protects an expression of an idea, but not the underlying idea. For example, a story about a boy and his dog can be copyrighted. However the copyright does not give the copyright owner any rights in dogs and boys. It…

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